WDBS Player Profile

Ben Chappell

Lives: Hull, England

Played since: 2015

WDBS Classification: Profile 37, Group 7

WDBS Highlights: 2019 Derby Open Group 7 Challenge Cup winner

2017 & 2018 Hull Open Challenge Cup finalist


Hull’s Ben Chappell competes as a visually impaired player and made his debut at his home tournament, the 2017 Hull Open where he reached the final of the Challenge Cup event losing out to Richard Bradburn. He repeated the feat a year later, again taking the silver medal after a final defeat to Group 8 player Lee Finbow.

In 2019 at the Derby Open, he turned silver into gold as he won the Group 7 Challenge Cup following a 2-1 win over Wales’ Ronnie Allen in the final.

Away from the baize Ben likes to watch and play football.


You can view Ben’s full results at snookerscores.net

Training in:

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