Profile Classification

Profile 10

Profile 10

A wheelchair user with good use of trunk and arms but unable to use the hips to assist trunk movement.

Profile Group: G2

Functional Description: A wheelchair user with good use of trunk and arms.

Medical Description: Lower limbs affected.

  • Unable to use hips to assist trunk movement.
  • Does not need assistance with activities of daily living (ADL).
  • Can perform most activities from a sitting position with no difficulties.
Upper Limbs Trunk Lower Limbs
Not affected Not affected Severe weakness, spasticity, athetosis or deformity
Medical diagnoses (example):Participation:
Spinal cord injury (Paraplegia), Spina bifida, Cerebral Palsy (Diplegia).
Inclusion Spectrum – modified, disability sport, parallel, separate.

This toolkit was taken from the Activity Alliance Profiling Toolkit Resource ( The toolkit is based on the Activity Alliance Profile System designed by Dr Christine Meaden M.C.S.P., Ph.D. For any further information on the profile system or toolkit please contact Activity Alliance online or call them on 01509 227750.

In agreement with Activity Alliance, WDBS has revised each profile to suit snooker and billiards.

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