Groups 1-2

Below are the latest WDBS Groups 1-2 rankings.

The WDBS world rankings operate on a rolling two-year basis. Points are added and removed in accordance with the cut-off dates, determined at the start of each season. Learn more.

Last updated: May 2023

1Tony SouthernEngland45600
2Gary SwiftEngland16000
3Shahab SiddiquiEngland16000
4Kurt DeklerckBelgium10000
5Gavin GormleyScotland9600
6Craig WelshWales7200
7Patrick PuttemansBelgium3600
8Chris BrownEngland3600
9Darren TaylorEngland3600
10Da ChenChina3600
11John GreensmithEngland2700
12Matthew LesterEngland1800
13Kenny VangampelaereBelgium1800