Group 5

Below are the latest WDBS Group 5 rankings.

The WDBS world rankings operate on a rolling two-year basis. Points are added and removed in accordance with the cut-off dates, determined at the start of each season. Learn more.

Last updated: May 2023

1Mickey ChambersEngland50000
2Dean SimmonsEngland34800
3Jason EllisEngland18600
4David MooreEngland17700
5Maureen RowlandEngland12600
6Gerdy DupontBelgium16000
7Dalton LawrenceEngland10000
8Martin BrunkerEngland8100
9David WallerEngland7650
10Robert MarriottEngland7200
11Jan HughesEngland4500
12Ivor HalnoskyEngland3600
13Phil WoodwissEngland3600
14Wayne HowellEngland2250
15Steven HodgesEngland1800
16Hayden AbbeyEngland900