Group 4

Below are the latest WDBS Group 4 rankings.

The WDBS world rankings operate on a rolling two-year basis. Points are added and removed in accordance with the cut-off dates, determined at the start of each season. Learn more.

Last updated: May 2024

1Carl GibsonEngland57200
2William ThomsonScotland54800
3David ChurchEngland46300
4Daniel BlunnEngland36200
5Andy JohnsonEngland25200
6Nigel BrasierEngland24900
7Steve CartwrightEngland13050
8Daniel JohnsonEngland7650
9Dean ReynoldsEngland7200
10Peter HullEngland6750
11Olivier BiernauxBelgium4500
12Alex HennebryIreland4050
13Stephen FenwickEngland2525
14Peter YellandEngland1800
15Gary SandersonEngland1800
16Oliver GuyanEngland900
17John FenwickEngland900
18Alex-Lee BennettEngland900
19John ClyneIreland450
20Alan McDonaghIreland450