Group 6A

Below are the updated WDBS Group 6A rankings following the UK Disability Snooker Championship 2022.

The WDBS world rankings operate on a rolling two-year basis. Points are added and removed in accordance with the cut-off dates, determined at the start of each season.

Last updated: March 2022

1Faisal ButtEngland49600
2Michael BusstEngland25200
3Alan ReynoldsScotland16000
4Warren EalyEngland13500
5Liam CrookEngland11250
6Michael FarrellEngland9450
7Declan BowkerEngland4500
8Alex MendhamEngland4500
9Hayden AbbeyEngland3600
10Stephen DunneEngland1800
11Mathew FordEngland1800
12Ricky WattsEngland900
13Dylan SmithEngland450