Profile 17

Able to walk, but both legs are severely impaired.

Profile Group:G4

Functional Description: Able to walk.

Medical Description: Two lower limbs affected. Usually able to walk with crutches.

  • Both legs severely impaired.
  • May use a walking aid (crutches).
  • Uses a wheelchair for long distances.
  • May use a sports chair to access some sporting activities.
  • Full use of arms.
  • Independent for activities of daily living (ADL).
Upper Limbs Trunk Lower Limbs
Not affected Not affected Severe weakness, spasticity, athetosis or deformity of both limbs
Medical diagnoses (example):

Cerebral Palsy (Diplegia), Spina bifida, Spinal cord injury (Paraplegia), Double leg amputation.


Inclusion Spectrum – modified, disability sport, parallel, separate.