Profile 6

A wheelchair user with poor trunk control and slightly weak hands, or difficulty in controlling arms.

Profile Group: G1

Functional Description: A wheelchair user with poor trunk control.

Medical Description: All four limbs and trunk affected.

  • Has slightly weak hands or slight lack of control in arms.
  • Can perform activities of daily living (ADL).
  • Can usually perform most physical tasks from wheelchair but may be slower than those with non-impaired arms.
  • Can transfer from wheelchair independently.
Upper Limbs Trunk Lower Limbs
Minimal impairment. May have no use of the hand Severe spasticity or paralysis C6/T1 Severe Spasticity or paralysis
Medical diagnoses (example):

Cerebral Palsy (Quadriplegia), severe diplegia with some impairment to upper limbs. Spinal cord injury (Tetraplegia).


Inclusion Spectrum – modified, disability sport, parallel, separate.