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Entries are now open for the second staging of the 2018 Paul Hunter Disability Classic, to be held at the Cueball Derby on the weekend of 18-20 May 2018.

The main two-day competition will see tournaments staged for deaf players and those with visual disabilities (Groups 7-8), as well as a Friday open day including a Group 6 competition for players with learning disabilities.

As previously announced the event will again be sponsored by the Paul Hunter Foundation, established in 2006 with the specific aim of giving disadvantaged, able bodied and disabled youngsters an opportunity to play snooker.

Group 7 – Visual impairments

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After previous consultation with players it has been decided that players must be classified by British Blind Sport (BBS) to play in Group 7 WDBS events.

There are five main categories of classification that BBS records ranging from B1-B5 as set out at their website HERE.

The cheapest way to be classified is for you to become a member of BBS which costs £18.00 and to then visit your local optometrist who will fill in the BBS Sight Classification form on your behalf. You will then receive a certificate of classification which you must then send to us to inform us which group applies to you.

For the first event for players classified by BBS, the entry fee will be reduced to £7.00 (from £25.00) to cover costs of BBS Membership. Should additional eye consultancy costs be incurred to complete your classification, upon providing evidence of these costs you will receive up to a maximum of two free event entries based upon the costs incurred.

Points start

From the start of the Derby event we have further decided to introduce a new system under players will receive a ‘7 points start’ when competing against players being in a more severely impaired group. For example:

  • If a player who has been classified as a B2 plays against a B3, the B2 will receive a 7-points start
  • If a player who has been classified as a B2 plays against a B4, the B2 will receive a 14-points start

We will continue to review this process on an event-by-event basis based upon player feedback, with a view to playing opponents within your own BBS classification group subject to sufficient entries being received.

Group 8 – Deaf

In respect of Group 8 competitions, we have decided to formalise our requirements as set out within the WDBS classification system.

From the start of the Derby event Group 8 players must now provide an audiogram showing a loss of hearing of 55 decibels in the better ear at frequencies 500Hz, 1000Hz, and 2000Hz. This is in accordance with the Audiogram Regulations set out by the International Committee of Sports for the Deaf, adopted by Deaflympics that can be accessed HERE.

This must be provided before the event closing date, following which the information will be kept on our records for future events.

Ongoing review

We understand that these are significant changes to both classification groups. As always however, the views of the players are important to us and we welcome all feedback following the Paul Hunter Disability Classic event in Derby as part of our ongoing review process.

We are also currently undertaking a review of our Group 6 classification system and events, with more information to be released in due course.