Shanghai to Host Landmark Disability Snooker Cup

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This Sunday (10 September 2023) will see the staging of the inaugural WDBS Shanghai Invitational Disability Snooker Cup at the Heshenhui Snooker and Pool Club.

Set to feature over 40 players with physical, intellectual and sensory disabilities in line with the recognised WDBS classification groups, the event aims to raise awareness of and WDBS and its competitions in China.

Photo of snooker tables in Shanghai

Organised by WDBS Ambassador and Group 2 player Da Chen, the event has received significant support from the Shanghai Baoshan Disabled Persons’ Federation (Baoshan DPF) and its Chairman Ran as its official sponsor, as well as the Baoshan Sports Bureau, and the Shanghai PBSA through its Secretary General Lyu.

The tournament will be played under the 6-Red format of snooker with an initial group stage scheduled.

Da Chen smiling with snooker cue

Da Chen said: “I am hugely excited that we will be able to stage our first WDBS event in Shanghai and cannot wait to meet the players this weekend.

“I would like to thank the Baoshan PDF, Baoshan Sports Bureau and Shanghai PBSA for their fantastic support of the event, as well as WDBS and their promotion of disability snooker around the world.

“Our ambition is for the WDBS Tour to continue to grow in China and I am sure that this event will prove to be just the beginning of what we can achieve together.”

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