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Da Chen joined the WDBS board in February 2022.

Da initially joined the tour in 2022 as a group two player, first competing in the UK Disability Snooker Championship, and became the first official WDBS ambassador to China in October of that same year. In September 2023, Da provided his backing for the staging the inaugural WDBS Shanghai Invitational Disability Snooker Cup.

He has instigated several charitable initiatives in China in recent years. Most notably, he and his friends have regularly organised the ‘Wheelchair to the Great Wall’ event, which since 2015 has regularly seen over 1,300 wheelchair users able to achieve their dream of going to the Great Wall of China with the support of up to 400 volunteers.

Following his appointment to the board, Da said: “It is a proud moment to join the WDBS board. I am excited to continue to work together towards the growth of disability snooker in China.”