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World Disability Billiards and Snooker (WDBS) can today provide an update as to its eligibility criteria for Group 6 tournaments following a careful and detailed review over the past few months.

Since the first competitions held in 2015, the WDBS classification system has continued to evolve with the overriding objective of providing fairness of competition across all groups.

In 2018, this evolution saw Group 6 split into two sub-groups, in recognition of the broad range of intellectual disabilities that affect people in different ways when playing snooker. This has proven to be successful and allowed WDBS to be as inclusive as possible, while maintaining fairness.

However, as Group 6 continues to grow in number, WDBS has identified the following required changes that all Group 6 players should be aware of:

Key Points

  • All players competing in either Group 6A or Group 6B tournaments MUST provide appropriate evidence of their disability in line with the specified criteria. Entries have previously been accepted on a self-declaration basis, but this evidence must now be provided going forwards by all players.
  • The definition and eligibility criteria for Group 6A remains unchanged. All players must however, provide appropriate evidence that they meet this criteria.
  • The Group 6B definition has been expanded to encompass a wider range of neurodevelopmental disorders (e.g. autism spectrum disorder) or neurological conditions (e.g. acquired brain injury), with IQ OVER 75. Further information can be found within our dedicated Group 6 classification page.

It is our aim that this will ensure that all players are correctly grouped and will help us to ensure fair competition for all.

WDBS will contact all currently ranked Group 6 players directly to request the appropriate evidence, which will be required to compete in future tournaments including the upcoming Hull Open next month.

Download our updated Group 6 Participation Declaration Form.

Should any player or guardian/carer have any concerns or wish to discuss this update further, please contact us as we will be pleased to assist.