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Entry is now open for the first World Disability Billiards and Snooker (WDBS) competition of 2022 as the UK Disability Snooker Championship returns to Northampton from 25-27 March.

To be held at Barratts Snooker Club, the event is set to be the biggest held for people with disabilities in over two years, with people from all eight classification groups eligible to play. Players will compete against players within their own classification group only,

To accommodate all players and therefore a significant number of matches, as in 2019 the tournament will be held over three days, with the first matches to begin at 2:00pm on Friday.

Every effort will be made to accommodate players who cannot compete on the Friday, however, we cannot guarantee that this will be possible to avoid in all circumstances. Any player who may not be able to compete on the Friday is asked to inform us as soon as possible and prior to the entry deadline (11 March 2022) so that this can be considered.

As always, there will be a Friday Open Day held from 10:30am at which players with any disability or level of experience are encouraged to come and try snooker under the guidance of qualified WPBSA Snooker Coaches.

How to Enter

Entry for all WDBS events is made through the WPBSA SnookerScores website:

  1. Determine your classification and choose your event: Your disability must fall under one of our 36 WDBS Classification Profiles, which have been grouped into eight ‘Groups’ for competition.
  2. Download the Event Entry Form: Once you have decided which event you would like to enter, read the entry form (linked above) and the latest WDBS Standard Conditions of Entry attached to it.
  3. Enter Online: All event entries are to be made through the WPBSA SnookerScores website. Either register or log in to your existing account and select the event that you wish to enter from the WDBS organisation page or from the ‘My Player’ section of your account.
  4. Pay the Entry Fee: Once you have entered the event, you can pay your entry fee online via the ‘My Payments’ section of your account.

Your entry will only be formally accepted upon receipt of your online entry AND payment of your entry fee by the event entry deadline.

COVID-19 Protocols

To ensure that our return to play is managed as safely as possible, our WDBS Covid-19 protocols will remain in place to help everyone present to stay as safe as possible.

All players are strongly encouraged to read these documents carefully and be aware of their contents prior to attending either event.

If you require further information and support, or an easy read form (Group 6), please contact us.