Vote for Your Favourite Cue Case for Player of the Season Prize:

Nigel Mawer, Rob Reed and Simon Berrisford stand smiling

At the start of this season we announced a new award to recognise our ‘WDBS Player of the Season’ and today you can have your say as to what the final prize will look like.

As well as earning the unique distinction of becoming the WDBS Player of the Season for 2018/19, the player will also receive a fantastic bespoke cue case designed and hand crafted by RR Cue Cases, to include the WDBS logo on its exterior and the name of the winner on its handle.

Thanks to RR Cue Cases, we now also have three potential designs to choose from and we just couldn’t decide – so we are giving the choice to you! Each design shows two images, one of the outside of the case and the second illustrating how the interior will appear.

To vote simply select your favourite design from the options below and click vote. The poll will run until the end of 2018 with the design with the most votes to be turned into a unique prize to be presented to the winner next year.


Please select your favourite WDBS cue case design by RR Cue Cases:

Design 1
Design 2
Design 3
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